Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big. Ugly. Watch.

I was looking to replace my current, Timex Expedition watch, whose metal body has started to corrode after less than a year (dang, where's that receipt?). I wanted a similar watch but with a plastic body. I haven't found the ideal watch yet, but in the process I found this godawful thing yesterday at a reduced price at Ross.

It's a Nike Hammer watch. The low-contrast black-on-red display makes it sometimes difficult to read, the back light does so barely, the rubber watch band makes my wrist sweat, and the alarm is almost inaudible. But I like it!

I was earlier tempted by a black Pulsar. I have a feeling that its curved, thin metal body will not corrode. A bit too dressy, though. (UPDATE: Found a used Pulsar for $29.99 on eBay. I bet I win the auction.) So here are my requirements: analog, second hand (for EMS—taking pulse and respiration), date, simple and easy to read face, will not corrode.

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