Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What the fwck?

Remember the vowels you learned in school—"a, e, i, o, u?" Do you also remember the part that followed—"...and sometimes y and w?" ..."W!?" I've seen diphthongs mentioned as examples, such as "chew," but never as a straight-ahead vowel. I found an example—the strange little word, crwth. It has Welsh roots yet is in my (American) English dictionary and is pronounced like "tooth." It's a stringed musical instrument, and here is what it sounds like. By the way, that clip sounds sort of like music played backwards. "Turn me on, dead man," indeed.

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Lloyd Sargent said...

The American name "Lloyd" is spelt, in Welsh, llwydd (and mostly pronounced the same).

It means gray (or grey).

Guess my favorite color?

No, it is blue.