Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sending email through Yahoo! with Windows Mail

Go to accounts in Windows Mail:

Click on Add button:

Select E-mail Account and click Next:

Enter your name as Display name and click Next:

Enter your Yahoo! email address and click Next:

Enter and for the incoming and outgoing server names, respectively, check the outgoing-authentication checkbox, and click Next:

Enter your Yahoo! account name and password and click Next:

Check the do-not-download checkbox and click Finish:

Select the new Yahoo! entry and click Properties:

Enter a better name for this account (optional), uncheck the include-this-account checkbox (we can't receive Yahoo! email anyway), enter other email address to which you want recipients to reply (optional), and click OK:

Select the new Yahoo! entry and click Set as Default (this causes all email to be sent via this account):

Click Close:


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