Wednesday, June 24, 2015

List of online C++ compilers

I have been using the online C++ compiler, codepad, for the last few years to quickly test small bits of C++ code. Then I came across another one, Ideone, and then another and another and... until I needed to keep a list of them. There are other lists out there—in fact I started with the this one—but some aren't kept up to date or are incomplete. I needed my own list, so here it is, from best to worst, according to my admittedly cursory review.

Ideone GCC Great!
Koding GCC
Impressive, but might be too ambitious.
codepad GCC Basic.
Rextester Clang
HackerEarth GCC Basic.
Wandbox Clang
Basic, but can change compiler command-line options.
Coliru Clang
Basic, but can change compiler command-line options.
C++ shell GCC
GCC Explorer Clang
Intel ICC
Basic. Just compiles code and displays assembly-language output. GCC Hmm... Can debug your code! But they plan to charge.
WebCompiler VC++ Microsoft's online Visual C++ compiler. Rudimentary, but can change compiler command-line options.
Coding Ground GCC Would be "Good" if console output wasn't duplicated 4 or 5 times.
Online Compiler GCC Crude. Doesn't run the code—you download the executable.
bOtskOOl ?
I never received the registration confirmation email.
CodeTwist ? Like a codepad "lite." JavaScript error when I tried to use it.
Comeau Comeau Crude, 90's web design. Currently down. Compile only?

I did something sort of like this twenty years ago. I had written a static-analysis tool for C (not C++) built on top of an extensible C parser I also wrote. I was playing around with sendmail at the time. I wrote a sendmail rule that ran the analysis tool on any C code in the body of an email sent to a particular email address and returned the resulting report to the sender.


amasad said...

Checkout it can compile and execute C++ and C++11. It's also unique in that it's interactive and can ask for user input in real time.

Jayk said...
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Jayk said...

I think should be in your list, which is online compiler with debugger.

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